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About Us

“We don’t just retreat, we also conquer”.


Join us, and conquer fears of loneliness, fears of inertia, fears of being an imposter, fears of never having enough, fears of not being good enough.

Image by Benjamin DeYoung

From Bangkok to Barcelona, Madrid to Mexico City, Reykjavik to Rome, London to Los Angeles and many places in between – we have worked across the world, bringing our own seasoned blend of challenge and support to the wellness and development field.

Our approach is truly holistic. We combine mind and body, bring horses into the mix, facilitate dream work, and use the power of writing. We work with people from all walks of life, often facilitating global organizational teams or working cross-culturally. We work with the shadow, as well as the light.


Our understanding of the world is underpinned by three pillars: how we make choices; how we build and maintain relationships; and how we make sense of ourselves. Over five days we explore these fundamentals through investigating how we keep ourselves safe; how we connect and re-connect to ourselves and others; how we can get un-stuck and create movement; and how we decide and create direction.


Our methodologies include a social dream matrix, working with horses in equine-facilitated learning, experiential group work, and mind-body work. All our techniques are evidence- based and have shown to be highly effective. We create safe places where people can experience proper care, proper challenge, proper learning. The outcome of our philosophy and techniques leads to a more fully examined life, where wellness is the core for individual and group alike, and where deep change can occur if so desired.

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