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Retreat and Conquer at Nihi Sumba

Sumba is an Indonesian island imbued by the spirit of the horse. The Sumba horse was introduced to the eponymous island by the Javanese people of Majapahit Empire in the 14th century. Horses, here known as untamed nobles, are not named by their owners as the animals are regarded as being at the same level as the ancestors who rule the universe. Horses on Sumba are not just a means of transportation, they are the vehicle of life. Fitting indeed for our work here. Retreat & Conquer is based at Nihi, consistently voted the world’s best hotel – and it’s not difficult to see why. Nihi is not an escape from everyday life, it is the return to a life well- lived,where rugged luxury meets unregulated freedom. A place to connect with something larger than oneself. A haven for the adventurer, for the wanderer, endlessly passionate and curious. We recommend flying to either Jakarta or Bali. We will assist in arranging a private charter onto Sumba. Prices start at $10,000 all inclusive (except flights and transfers). Additional nights available, ask for details. 

national Park Entrance

Retreat and Conquer Limpopo

Africa is where it all started. Horses, as prey animals, bring a particular focus in a place where the predator/prey relationship is very much in vision. Hearing lions roar at night while watching the stars focuses the mind. We have our own Operation Centaur base in Limpopo, in the Waterberg nature reserve surrounded by the Big Five. Our horses are provided by Horizon, who also offer exclusive extensions to the neighbouring Botswana.
Flights are into Johannesburg, from where we can arrange land transport to the retreat – approximately three hours transfer.

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Path on the Water

Retreat and Conquer Mustique

Mustique. An island steeped in legend. Breathtakingly beautiful, this is perhaps one of the most private places in the world. The island vibe is relaxed and joyous.

We are staying exclusively at The Cotton House, the first residence on the island. Villas are dotted in tropical gardens with many overlooking the Caribbean sea. We will start the day watching the dawn on the beach. Mustique has a herd of 16 amazing horses who will be working with us throughout the retreat.

We recommend flying to St Lucia before taking a short private flight onto the island. Note that the Mustique air strip is not floodlit so flights can only land/depart during daylight. We will help secure this flight as landing on Mustique is subject to prior checks and permission from the island authorities.


R&C Abu Dhabi

The Koran holds that, when Allah created the Arabian horse from the south wind, he exclaimed: “I create thee, oh Arabian [...] I establish thee as one of the glories of the earth. I give thee flight without wings”. When words are not enough, and help eludes us, horses can indeed teach us to fly without wings. Our retreats are the living proof of that.


Retreat & Conquer Abu Dhabi takes you to the empty quarter, the worlds largest sand desert. Forget the hustle and bustle of the Emirate cities, we take you to where the skyline is unspoilt, and where the night sky invites you to give your mind a free rein. Our base is an  oasis where old-fashioned charm meets avant-garde amenities and comfort. Perfect to allow us to gaze inward.

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New destinations coming soon...

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