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Participants describe our events as “therapy on steroids”, claiming “they have achieved more in five days than in several years of weekly therapy”. In this work, horses do what they have always done for us – they speed things up. Long regarded as the most noble and empathic of creatures, they are our secret weapon to get things unstuck – fast. Our experiences beguile you to live life to the full. Priceless adventures.

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Isn’t it time you treated yourself or a loved one to a life-changing quest in an extraordinary location? An expedition not just into a less explored world, also a journey to the core of your being. Meet the familiar in the strangest places – and marvel at the insights this produces.

Retreats are priced depending on location and start from £4995. Please contact us to discuss the best fit for you.

How do I secure a place?


  • Step One: You make an enquiry and discuss availability. We ask you some application questions to ensure fit and suitability.


  • Step Two: We contact you with our response. If we all concur, we move to securing a place.


  • Step Three: You secure a place with a deposit. We send you some pre-experience work.


  • Step Four: We schedule a one-to-one Zoom call with one of the therapists who lead the retreat.

  • Step Five: Three months prior you settle the balance.


  • Step Six: You arrive at your destination.


  • Step Seven: Post-retreat we schedule a follow-up Zoom call.

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